Urban Suburbia

I'm Chance, a 19-year-old student in Baltimore. I like music, and letting you know what's on my mind.

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London by Christa Coleman

Take me here so I know it’s real.
Permalink Lauryn Hill is performing on birthday at Merriweather and I wanna go but I will flip a table if she’s on some bullshit coming late and leaving early.  I will find a table to flip.
  • People who don't wear glasses: I wish I wore glasses.
  • People who wear glasses: No.
Permalink I’d rather chill here than at Fed Hill. It’s a bit more low key. #canton #baltimore #harbor (at Maryland Korean War Memorial …Canton Waterfront Park)
Permalink I hope that the people fishing are about the catch and release life. #canton #baltimore  (at Canton Waterfront Park)
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Vincent Van Gogh. “Green Wheat Fields, Auvers,” 1890 Oil on canvas. one of his last works, recently unveiled. Source